The San Francisco 49ers have a new group of wide receivers for 2017. Free-agent acquisition Marquise Goodwin — a wide receiver known for his blazing speed — is working to become a complete receiver, and may be primed for a breakout season.

The San Francisco 49ers finally have the deep threat they were looking for in Torrey Smith.

Wide receiver — and track-and-field Olympian — Marquise Goodwin can score from anywhere on the field.

But is he anything more than a deep threat?

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We know that the Goodwin certainly has speed, but his game film shows that there is more to the receiver, who may have been underutilized during his career with the Buffalo Bills.

For background on the 49ers’ new receiver, check out Peter Panacy’s recent Niner Noise article, “Who is wide receiver Marquise Goodwin?

After reviewing Goodwin’s game film, I came away impressed. He’s fast — very fast — and he runs excellent fly and comeback routes.

Unfortunately, the Bills rarely allowed him to run other routes; but when he did, he ran those routes surprisingly well, even though he rarely saw passes thrown his way.

He definitely has room for improvement, but for a track-star-convert who has made his living on two routes, he ran other routes better than I expected.

If Goodwin is allowed to run a more complete route tree — and if he stays healthy — he could be a very dangerous second receiver for the 49ers in 2017.

For those who project him as a slot receiver for the 49ers due to his lack of size, Goodwin is small, but he is definitely an outside receiver. He almost exclusively lines up in a “plus” split, and he is not comfortable in the middle of the field.

In Buffalo, he worked primarily outside the numbers, which will likely change this year for the San Francisco 49ers. He does excel at catching passes near the sideline, and overall, he has decent hands.

Now, for Goodwin’s game film:

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