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The 49ers should be able to accomplish whatever their goals are this season under the new cap.

The NFL officially announced the 2024 salary cap for this coming season. The official number for each NFL team is $255.4 million, up over $30 million from last year’s $224.8 million.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero tweeted that the increase is the result of the full repayment of all amounts advanced by the clubs and deferred by the players during the Covid pandemic, as well as an extraordinary increase in media revenue for the 2024 season.

The expectation was that the cap would increase around the usual total, which would have been closer to $243 million. So, you add the bump in cap plus the 49er’s unused 2023 cap space, which was right around $38 million that they’d roll over into this season, and the Niners may not need to restructure some of their team captains’ salaries after all.

If they do elect to use the restructures from some of the players from the link above, San Francisco could come close to $100 million in cap space this offseason. That’d make extending Brandon Aiyuk easy. Plus, signing potential free agents like Bryce Huff would remain an option, or fixing your offensive line by inking Robert Hunt to a deal would become more plausible.

The NFL also set their restricted free agent tenders, something that pertains to Jauan Jennings and his upcoming negotiations.

First-round tender: $6.8M

Second-round tender: $4.9M

Original-round tender: $3.1M

Right of first refusal tender: $3M

The original round is a seventh-round tender for Jennings since that’s where he was drafted. The jump in cap space should also allow the team to extend Jauan.

The 49ers are generally active in the offseason, which should continue again in 2024, thanks to the latest salary cap numbers.

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