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Expect the team captains to get approached at some point during the next month about a potential restructure.

The San Francisco 49ers front office has been consistent in the way they structure contracts for their star players. It allows them to push money down the road and, eventually, restructure deals in case they need to create cap space down the line.

It gives the team an out for any potential free agent signings, a star player who deserves an extension, or another unforeseen aspect that requires them to spend.

Let’s go over four candidates the Niners could restructure during the next month.

Trent Williams

Williams will be 36 by the time training camp rolls around. He’s still an All-Pro and playing at an elite level, and his play has shown no signs of drop-off.

The 49ers’ star left tackle is still under contract for three more seasons before his deal voids in 2027. That makes Williams the most obvious restructure candidate. Per Over the Cap, here’s what the Niners would save in cap space during the next three seasons:

2024 – $14.20M
2025 – $14.23M
2026 – $15.50M

If we assume Williams will either play out his contract or retire with the 49ers, the decision to restructure him is a no-brainer.

Deebo Samuel

If you do the same for Deebo, you’re committing to him for two more seasons. The way Samuel’s contract is set up, you either restructure his deal or trade him. A post-June 1 trade would save around $16 million in 2024 and $13 million in 2025.

Is the potential risk of injury worth shipping Deebo off? Teams have gone out of their way to find a Deebo clone but have yet to find it. Their offense went from high-powered to unstoppable when he was on the field for San Francisco. His presence made all of the difference in the world, and it’s evident how Kyle Shanahan feels about him.

Which is why a restructure would make just as much sense. The 49ers would save $15.14 million in 2024 and $10.42 million in 2025 by doing so. And when Samuel turns 30 in 2026, his contract voids.

Arik Armstead

Armstead would be the definition of a temporary fix, as his contract expires after the 2024 seasons. Still, by restructuring the veteran’s deal, the 49ers would save $12.22 million this upcoming season in cap space. They could also work out an extension for their team captain.

Fred Warner

The theme here is that your best/core players are the ones you plan on having around for a while, so you have the luxury of moving money around. Warner is no different. Warner is under contract for three more seasons and has been one of the most durable players on the team.

You won’t save as much money as you would by restructuring some of the names listed above, but it’s still the difference in signing a starting-caliber player. Here’s what the Niners would save during the next three seasons if they restructured Warner:

2024 – $10.7M
2025 – $11.05M
2026 – $8.26

With free agency approaching, the 49ers may identify a player or two they feel like they can’t lose out on. If that’s the case, we can expect a couple of these players to have their contracts restructured.

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