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Have a bad weekend in fantasy? Let’s look at some San Francisco 49ers players who may help your team.

Ok, I will first eat some crow. Here’s a public service announcement:

Remember, @patoholloway told you to not pick him up.

— Niners Nation (@NinersNation) September 15, 2019

Um. Oops. If you started him, that is one of the riskiest starts I’ve ever seen, but it paid dividends. If you haven’t gotten him yet, is he worth an add? Well we’ll get to it.

Percentage owned numbers are based on Yahoo! leagues.

Pick-ups 49ers D/ST

% Owned: 18
Week 2 stats: 1 interception, 4 sacks, 351.2 yards allowed, 17 points allowed

I’m going to use my same schick I used last week: The 49ers schedule is about to get mighty brutal, unless if more starting quarterbacks go down. They played really well on Sunday and that might be why our eyes are getting big. The Steelers are coming to down with what has been a sub-par running game and some bad passing as well. They also have a backup quarterback making their first start.

Don’t waste your first waiver claim on this, but this is a boom or bust pick once again. If you have faith in them destroying the Pittsburgh Steelers, go get them. Just remember at one point the Steelers had one of the best offensive lines in the league.

Pick up or don’t

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