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More good news for the 49ers cap space as they attempt to get under the cap

The more information that comes out about the salary cap, the more good news the San Francisco 49ers receive. The 2024 cap jumped to $255.4 million.

Per Over the Cap and their recent update, the 49ers had a positive adjustment of $5.7 million. Per the website, this was an accumulation of incentives that counted on the cap in 2023 but were not earned, credits for bonus repayments, guaranteed salary offsets, per-game bonus credits, and the team carryover.

So, now, the 49ers have an adjusted cap totaling $296.6 million this coming season, which is the largest in the NFL. Credit the front office for their forward-thinking, knowing they’d need to create cap space to help in 2024.

Here are the top three teams when it comes to adjusted cap space, Per Over the Cap:
49ers – $296.6M
Cleveland Browns – $289.9M
Arizona Cardinals $269.6M

That shows you the difference between what San Francisco is working with and even the team in third place. The average adjusted cap is $262.8M. Despite having around $5.7 million extra in cap space, the 49ers are still over the allotted cap as of writing by $284, 282.

A couple of restructures and extensions could provide the 49ers with ample cap space needed to make a move in free agency. Plus, there are always cap casualties to save space immediately.

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