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The 49ers didn’t make any moves up before their first selection on Day 3 of the NFL draft. They stood pat at No. 155 and picked Western Michigan offensive tackle Jaylon Moore.

Moore’s size indicates he’ll transition to guard in the NFL. He’s listed at 6-4, 311 pounds, but he succeeded as a left tackle in college. He was a three-year starter and brings with him a ton of athleticism, which should serve him well in his move to the interior.

The 49ers last year in Round 5 selected Colton McKivitz, another college tackle who they transitioned to guard once he was with the club. They did the same with Daniel Brunskill, and it appears the same plan is in place with Moore.

With injury issues at quarterback derailing the 49ers three of Kyle Shanahan’s four years with the club, it appears they’re prioritizing protecting the quarterback and bolstering their OL depth through the draft.

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