The 49ers aren’t in salary cap hell thanks to some savvy contract gymnastics and a quarterback room that costs something just north of minimum wage, but a higher-than-projected cap number for 2024 would be extremely helpful for them.

Over the Cap projects the 2024 salary cap to be $242 million. By that number the 49ers are $12,375,835 over the cap, but they’ll have more than $35 million rolling over from restructures in 2023 that should give them a little bit of wiggle room under the cap. A couple of other contract maneuvers could put them far enough under the cap to be real players in free agency.

That’s all true with a $242 million cap, but multiple reports from Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio indicate the number could be closer to $243 million, and perhaps as high as $250 million.

Every dollar counts in a hard-capped league, and the 49ers are going to be living on the edge of that cap for the foreseeable future with most of their big contracts restructured to kick the money can down the road. They’ve likely been operating around that $242 million number. If it gets up to or near $250 million, it could mean a more comfortable and aggressive offseason for the 49ers instead of one where they’re just trying to ensure they’re under the cap.

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