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Berry breaks down his rankings of 49ers players and gives his expectations for the 2020 season.

I had the honor of chatting with ESPN’s Senior Fantasy Football Analyst Matthew Berry this past week about his early PPR rankings and his thoughts and expectations for 49ers players, including Jimmy G, the backfield situation, and the team’s lone threat at wide receiver.

The conversation was much more casual compared to a normal interview, but it was nonetheless just as informative and enjoyable. Since there wasn’t a traditional back-and-forth of questions and answers, I decided to structure this by topic, starting with his initial ranking – or lack thereof – for Jimmy G and move on to each of the players discussed.

On Jimmy Garropolo’s 2020 expectations and why he wasn’t included in his top-20 quarterbacks

Berry: “For Jimmy Garropolo, it has not seemed, so far, that Kyle Shanahan has wanted to tell Jimmy G to go and win games for him. Listen, the 49ers had a phenomenal season last year. They came within seven minutes of winning the super bowl, and they were dominant. My expectation is they’re going to do (in 2020) what worked for them last year, which was run the ball and play great defense and win the ball-control battle. Jimmy G will be fine from an NFL standpoint but fantasy-wise because the QB position is so deep, he’s not a guy that you think has significant upside just because of

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