You would think a suspension is coming for Aaron Donald.

In Thursday’s joint practice between the Rams and Bengals, Donald ripped off the helmets of two Bengals players during a massive brawl, and used both as a weapon, swinging them wildly.

Donald was eventually knocked to the ground and released the helmets before more damage could be done. Here’s an incredible photo of Donald with a helmet in each hand and head coach Sean McVay trying to play peacekeeper:

Donald, arguably the best defensive lineman in football, has a history of flying off the handle and trying to remove other player’s helmets. Below are two examples, including one against the 49ers in which he was ejected:

It will be very interesting to see how the NFL tries to police this. Browns defensive lineman Myles Garrett was suspended for the final six games of the 2019 season for swinging a helmet during an altercation. Typically, the NFL hasn’t policed joint practices like they do NFL games, but from a safety standpoint, it’s hard to see Donald’s act wasn’t as dangerous (if not more considering he had two helmets) than Garrett’s was a few years ago.

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