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Once the first day concludes, it’s a good bet Aiyuk will be on the 49ers in 2024

And now Brandon Aiyuk unfollows the San Francisco 49ers on Instagram.

The “watch” of sorts for the 49ers wide receiver has cooled considerably over the last few weeks but now has a new event with his unfollow. Take from that what you will. No matter what, this madness may reach its conclusion, for the time being anyways, after the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. It at least will answer the question of if he’ll be on the 49ers in 2024.

It all rides on that first round selection. If it’s a wide receiver—start worrying, because that may mean the 49ers have an immediate replacement.

Logic suggests the 49ers are going to look the direction of the offensive line with their pick. There are even rumors they’d make a trade for a tackle. Regardless of if they follow through, once you hear the position of their first round pick and know it’s not “wide receiver” whether it’s their own first round pick or some wizardry they do to obtain a second first rounder, Brandon Aiyuk is safe.

At this point, there’s just no way the 49ers would trade Brandon Aiyuk without someone to replace him with no matter what social media activity you want to overreact to. Yes, Deebo is wide receiver 1a, but they need their 1b, and if they want to trade Aiyuk, they would want an answer. There’s also one less player that has terrific chemistry with a young quarterback in Brock Purdy.

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco was on KNBR’s Murph and Markus and still thinks a deal gets done, it’s just going to take some time. Maiocco also pointed out that the first round will be the indicator of things. Regardless of a deal or not, it’s certain Aiyuk will be on the 49ers with his fifth year option once the first round of the NFL Draft concludes:

I would be really surprised if the 49ers don’t try to make this thing work with Brandon Aiyuk; that they don’t ultimately arrive at a long-term solution for him. It’s going to take a little bit of time. I think everybody can kind of breathe easy once the first round of the NFL Draft comes and goes and Brandon Aiyuk is still on the team. So that would be, really, the only way something’s going to happen. I think, with Brandon Aiyuk, as far as him not remaining with the 49ers, would have to be some sort of blockbuster trade on Day One of the NFL Draft.

Once you see a draft pick for a wide receiver in the first round, start worrying.

Aiyuk is also too valuable to trade for second round picks. No way. The 49ers will want at least a first round pick—and a 2024 first round pick at that. In a draft that has a decent wide receiver class, the 49ers would probably make their move in the first round and want to do it in 2024 where there is some selection. Trading for a 2025 future pick would be nice, but puts 2024 in jeopardy. This is a year that may be the last time this core group of players can win a Super Bowl.

The 49ers have said they have no intention of trading Aiyuk. But we need to be mindful they also said they were going to hold onto DeForest Buckner for a long time.

Regardless of what’s said, all the speculation of Brandon Aiyuk for 2024 and these “trade” rumors can go away once the first round concludes.

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