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No matter how you swing this, this just sucks

San Francisco 49ers free agency kicked off with some devastating news: defensive lineman Arik Armstead was being released. With his release marks the final Trent Baalke pick no longer with the 49ers. Now it’s the Kyle Shanahan Roster.

Armstead reunited with Baalke shortly thereafter, on a three-year, $51 million deal.

Armstead didn’t leave quietly. He went to social media and said his goodbyes to the Bay Area and the 49ers Faithful.

Notable is how he mentions 49ers defensive line coach Kris Kocurek as, “the best coach I’ve had, Kris Kocurek; you have changed my life.”

49ers General Manager John Lynch also issued a statement on behalf of the organization:

While we can understand that salary cap reasons and injuries as to why the 49ers wanted Armstead to take a pay cut and also understand why he refused to take a pay cut, it just sucks he couldn’t finish his career in San Francisco. Armstead has a chance to show everyone he has plenty left in the tank, which is why Jacksonville gave him all that money.

Like I said, and will say again, the whole thing sucks and is one of the darker sides of the league. Former 49ers offensive lineman Randy Cross once told a story about Bill Walsh as telling him “You won’t finish your career here, because I only want your good years.” In the same video linked above Steve Young said Bill Walsh’s philosophy was “I want players off my team a year before it’s too late.”

It’s doubtful Walsh was the only football mind who had this philosophy. It certainly rings true with players like Armstead. Hopefully the 49ers jumped the gun on this far, far too early and he can show that sack celebration for a few more seasons.

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