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Aiyuk is under contract for 2024

Brandon Aiyuk is technically under contract for 2024, as the San Francisco 49ers exercised his fifth-year option. It’ll be the final year of his rookie deal.

Aiyuk was asked what he’d remember the most about the 49ers roster this past season, and he said, after a long pause, “guys that came into work to be champions every single day.”

Whether it was the hardest postseason Aiyuk had experienced, he shook his head yes, turned around, and said, “That’s all I got.”

When asked if he wanted to remain with the 49ers, he said, “If it’s the right move.” Aiyuk added that means “being a champion.”

The wounds are still fresh, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing emotion. Aiyuk just spent a year with the same people every day in one building. You don’t forget those kinds of relationships that you built.

On social media, Aiyuk, his brother, and his girlfriend all made it seem like Aiyuk is a goner:

Braylen is the name of Aiyuk’s son.

Finally, his brother:

This feels like the Deebo Samuel situation from a couple of offseasons all over again. The 49ers don’t have to do anything with Aiyuk if they don’t want to.

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are set to speak with the media this afternoon, where they’ll inevitably receive questions about Aiyuk’s contract. We’ll provide updates if there’s anything more than coachspeak.

Nevada is Aiyuk’s home state, so it makes sense why that’s the team his brother mentioned. But BA was also brought up being champion multiple times. The 49ers and Raiders are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to teams competing for a championship.

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