Meet Gerald. The timing of this is just surreal.

No sooner did I talk about the Brandon Aiyuk contract situation and his social media activity, the comments flooded with mentions of Applebee’s of all things. People kept saying he was working at Applebee’s or would be a great employee there.

“OK,” I said to myself. “What did I screw up this time? What the hell is everyone doing bringing up Applebee’s? Why would he work there? I don’t get it.”

I have come to expect a variety of things from all of you and it’s not much surprising. But Applebee’s? Applebee’s just wasn’t something expected. A bit later, few of you emailed me/tweeted at me about what this Applebee’s thing was: Brandon Aiyuk went on Undercover Athlete as an Applebee’s employee.

Look, I don’t know what this show is. I know what Undercover Boss is and watched a total of one episode where they had a dude go into his casinos. I’m new to Undercover Athlete. What I got was Brandon Aiyuk going undercover at Applebee’s.

And damn if he isn’t good at it.

If anyone could sell me the Whole Lotta Bacon Burger, it’s Aiyuk. It’s not quite the BA I designed for the Super Bowl recipes, but Aiyuk seems to like it.

The whole thing is rather humorous given the timing of Aiyuk’s contract negotiations. Aiyuk has the perfect personality for these things and it’s funny how he shrugs off everyone saying “Don’t I know you from somewhere.”

I’d love to just see a series in the offseason of Aiyuk working various oddjobs and seeing if people can recognize him. Don’t stop at Applebee’s, put him in a Fred Meyer, an In-N-Out burger, a pizza place. Just let him run the show.

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