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John Lynch discusses 49ers’ philosophy, process in acquiring Chase Young

“John Lynch went to bed Monday night expecting to come up empty-handed by Tuesday’s trade deadline.

He didn’t sleep well.

While he had been in contact with Washington Commanders GM Martin Mayhew over a possible trade, Lynch said he had a feeling nothing would come to fruition.”

Chase Young passes 49ers physical; John Lynch said DE’s knee looked good on film, too (paywall)

“I kept turning on the tape and (seeing) 75, 64 — those are a lot of snaps,” the San Francisco 49ers general manager said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday. “I think the proof is what’s translating on the field. He’s been playing a lot and looking really good. … It sure looks like he’s been healthy based upon what he’s been doing on the field.”

Thompson: For John Lynch, the 49ers’ job isn’t finished, and neither is he (paywall)

“We’ve been tracking Chase for some time. We really liked Chase’s film. We like where he was seemingly from a health standpoint,” Lynch said, later adding, “We think Chase is a complete player.”

In the end, Young was the combination of the right player at the right price for this circumstance. He’s a free agent at season’s end, but he hasn’t quite lived up to his hype as a former No. 2 pick. So these last nine games with the 49ers, and then likely on the postseason platform, Young will have a chance to redeem his name and land a big payday. Maybe with the 49ers.

That’s what makes this such a shrewd move. Lynch is banking on Young having the same mindset the 49ers are being governed by until they get the Super Bowl. The job isn’t finished.”

Branch: 49ers adding Chase Young might not fix pass rush if secondary is the problem (paywall)

“Lynch was asked about the decision to deal for Young instead of secondary help.

“Because I felt like it was the best deal to be had,” Lynch said. “We had a number of conversations and we’ve always been of the philosophy that it starts up front. And that was the deal that made the most sense for us.”

Mueller: For Packers, Browns and 49ers, losses mean questions, albeit very different ones (paywall)

“The Bengals did a really good job of window-dressing pre-snap looks and coverages and sneaking extra bodies in the box vs. the run. I think the disguising of coverages is something Purdy, as smart as he is, just hasn’t seen enough of. That includes some zone blitz concepts that are rather old school but still new for Purdy to figure out.

So to me, Purdy’s biggest weakness is still his inexperience and lack of big-picture perspective. Time will make that a lot better, and every QB who was ever successful in this league has gone through the same. It’s not a time to jump off the Purdy ship.

Something I would consider at some point, if I were 49ers GM John Lynch, is that sometimes a play design is enough to get targets open. But there are other times that, especially without Deebo Samuel in the lineup, this team needs more flat-out speed to spread defenses and make people defend them differently.

It’s well-publicized that Kyle Shanahan-coached teams are 0-39 when trailing by eight or more points entering the fourth quarter. Missing a real dropback passing game, something that has never been a strong suit of the Shanahan offense, will definitely curtail your ability to come back from deficits. Speed helps any dropback passing game and would even help the run game, which is already top-notch. Speed forces defenses to play you differently. If I were the 49ers, I’d add a fast perimeter guy to run through certain coverages.”

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