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Mike McGlinchey ring any bells?

So it’s the season of meetings. The San Francisco 49ers are having a lot of meetings. The 49ers are having formal and informal meetings. You know what these meetings are; due diligence with Xs and Os, asking questions about character, what happened during situations in college etc.

So the more post combine action and chats should narrow the playing field to a pool of who the 49ers are going to draft right? And the more they talk to someone, that’s probably who they zero in on, right? Not exactly.

In 2018, the San Francisco 49ers held the ninth pick of the draft and selected right tackle Mike McGlinchey. There were all sorts of meetings reported: including a formal one with McGlinchey. Turns out that was the only one he had.

What’s the point? This is more a public service announcement that basing the 49ers candidate pool on who they are—and aren’t—talking to might leave you disappointed. If McGlinchey is any indication, that’s not a good way to base evidence.

This is the team that announced every general manager interview on social media then announced John Lynch’s hiring at the 11th hour. This is not your Trent Baalke 49ers where they were notorious for leaks (well, except for that A.J. Jenkins pick, I don’t think we thought they’d botch it that bad).

Now, there’s always surprises (and we love surprises). The Trey Lance pick is such a surprise in a way—especially for Lance who didn’t think he was the guy.

So take all these meetings as what they are, the 49ers doing their due diligence. Because they met McGlinchey at the Combine and then went right back to him after a bazillion interviews and talks that might suggest otherwise.

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