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Dobbs also spoke highly of Brock Purdy

When the San Francisco 49ers signed a backup quarterback this offseason, there wasn’t nearly as much coverage surrounding Josh Dobbs as there was Sam Darnold a year ago. There’s a reason for that.

This time last year, head coach Kyle Shanahan said that Trey Lance and Darnold would split first-team reps while starting quarterback Brock Purdy recovered from his UCL surgery.

There are no questions this offseason regarding the pecking order at quarterback. It’s Purdy, Dobbs, and Brandon Allen. Dobbs recently sat down with ESPN’s Adam Schefter, where he spoke highly about Purdy and explained why he signed with San Francisco.

Here’s Dobbs on why he decided to sign with the 49ers:

“So, when free agency came, the opportunities that were presented — the biggest thing that I wanted, as I said, was to get to a place that has a consistent front office, consistent coaching staff, and does a really good job of QB development, and have an opportunity to go through a full offseason in one scheme.

Get in there in April, and even though I’m still learning, and it will be learning a new offense, but it’s an offense that’s obviously very prominent throughout the league. And so to be able to get there in April and be around some tremendous coaches and learn the offense from the bare bones of it, and throw routes on air, and build those interpersonal opportunites with teammates.

And then be able to go into the season and whatever the role looks like in the room. Obviously, Brock is balling. And what they did, coming up two times short in the Super Bowl the last four years is amazing. But to be a part of that culture in that franchise, I’m really excited. So that’s really where San Fran stood out and why I jumped on that opportunity. So I’m looking forward to it.”

Dobbs started two games for the Tennessee Titans in 20222. Last year, he filled in for Kyler Murray on the Arizona Cardinals before getting traded to the Minnesota Vikings. It’s easy to understand why Dobbs wants to focus on one offense.

in a game where he threw for two touchdowns and ran for 48 yards. Arizona didn’t play poorly offensively. It was the other side of the ball where they struggled. Dobbs saw an early look at what Purdy could do:

“We played him in Arizona, and that’s why I respected him so much. Now, he does have a great [supporting] cast, but at the end of the day, he has to be the decision-maker and the driving force of the offense, and the way he makes good decisions, takes care of the football and plays just efficient, clean football. Like he might not go out there and make the wild play all the time, but he’s going to go out there and put his team in a great position to be successful. And that’s what you have to do, especially in the [Kyle] Shanahan offense. And then, obviously, especially when you have some really good weapons around you.”

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