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Greenlaw spoke about the incident as well

The NFL sent out a memo on Wednesday afternoon to the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers regarding the sideline altercation between Eagles’ head of security Dom DiSandro and linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

Greenlaw spoke to the media Wednesday before the 49ers took the practice field. Here’s what he said: “I felt like I shouldn’t have been ejected, but I can’t go back and say anything about it now. They did their job, honestly. I really hate that it even escalated and went to that. That’s never something I have ever been a part of or seen in the game.”

If you’re a Bay Area sports fan, you’ve probably drawn some parallels between Greenlaw and Draymond Green of the Warriors. Dre isn’t reckless, but he certainly wears his emotions on his sleeves and is trending toward earning a reputation similarly to Draymond where opposing players may look to bait Greenlaw into a penalty.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said it’s a possibility that teams will try that moving forward:

“Yeah, it could be. That’s why they probably did that, so it won’t be, it can’t be. That’s why they probably did make a deal out of that because no, that can’t be a strategy and so they’ll put an end into that, which I think they already have. But, that’s what players do too. You know the guys who lose their cool and the guys to mess with so you can get a free 15 and that’s how the whole league works.”

Draymond is regarded by many as a dirty player. Nobody has gotten those same vibes from Dre. Greenlaw and Shanahan share the same sentiment about the potential of the Niners’ linebacker having the “dirty player” tag:

“No, I ain’t no dirty player. I’m not a dirty player. I play by the rules. Just because you tackle a little physical doesn’t make you a dirty player.”

Shanahan spoke about how Greenlaw would not stop apologizing to him after the game for the incident that took place. Here’s Kyle on the subject:

“Dre is not a dirty player at all. He plays one way, and that’s why he was so frustrated because he is trying so hard not to break the rules. In his mind, he wasn’t completely slamming the guy. His guy’s three yards inbounds, and he’s trying his hardest to get him down. And everything he does his physical.”

Shanahan acknowledged that Greenlaw should’ve been penalized.

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