It’s impossible to predict with 100 percent accuracy how the NFL draft will go. There are plenty of analysts with information to give a general idea of how some things might shake out, but overall most mock drafts will be out the window at some point in the first five or six picks.

It gets even more difficult to predict how things will go the later we go in the draft. USC quarterback Caleb Williams is all but certain to be the first player off the board. By the time we get to the 49ers at No. 31 though there’s a massive question mark about what direction they’ll go. Perhaps they trade up. Perhaps they trade back. Perhaps they stand pat and take the best player on their board and throw positional value or need out the window.

While we can’t predict with 100 percent accuracy who the 49ers will pick, we can take some educated guesses at which position they’ll select. Here’s a run through each position and the chances the 49ers select that spot in the first round:

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