A few oddsmakers seem to have some faith in the Raiders.

The same can’t be said for the 49ers, though.

Bovada, an oddsmaker out of Las Vegas, has set the Raiders’ over/under mark at 10 games, a number also given to the Green Bay Packers. Only three teams fared better: Defending Super Bowl champion New England at 12.5, and 10.5 for Pittsburgh and Seattle.

The 49ers weren’t favored to do as well, as the mark for them is at 4.5 games, which ties them at the bottom of the league with the Cleveland Browns. The 49ers won twice last season, one more than the Browns.

Oddsmaker Pregame.com issued their Super Bowl odds shortly after New England’s victory in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots are favored to repeat at 7-1.

The Raiders were tied for seventh with Pittsburgh at 18-1. The 49ers and Browns tied for last at 400-1.

Both the Browns and 49ers scored well in most analysts draft grades. Can these teams defy the odds and succeed? That’s why they play the games.

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