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The 49ers should cruise to an NFC West title, and it’ll get even easier with a win this weekend.

The San Francisco 49ers have finally reestablished themselves as the team to beat in the NFC after crushing the Eagles last week. While it’s not official yet, the Niners should be able to cruise to NFC West title. Facing the Seattle Seahawks this weekend, San Francisco can push them below .500.

Due to our sponsorship with Tallysight, we have to pick every game. But, as usual, we’ll narrow it down to six for you at the bottom. Odds for all the games are available on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Marc’s picks record last year:
Regular season: 154-116-2
Postseason: 12-1

This season:
Week 1: 7-9
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 10-6
Week 4: 13-3
Week 5: 10-4
Week 6: 9-6
Week 7: 7-6
Week 8: 9-7
Week 9: 8-6
Week 10: 7-7
Week 11: 8-5
Week 12: 9-7
Week 13: 7-6
Overall: 113-79

Here are Marc’s picks for this week’s slate of games:

Steelers over Patriots: Oh, what an exciting matchup this would have been a decade ago.

Ravens over Rams: The Rams have improved

Lions over Bears: The Bears have finally been putting together a cogent offensive gameplan around Justin Fields, but the Lions might be the second-best team in the NFC right now.

Bucs over Falcons: Can the NFC South ever give us an exciting divisonal matchup?

Colts over Bengals: Two backup quarterbacks on teams that were meant to be carried by exciting young starters. I think Browning and the Bengals offense regresses after catching lightning in a bottle against the Jags.

Saints over Panthers: See Bucs/Falcons.

Jaguars over Browns: The Jaguars can’t afford to continue playing sloppy football if they want to reach the playoffs, especially now that the Texans look legit.

Texans over Jets: I’m honestly surprised the Texans aren’t bigger favorites in this game.

49ers over Seahawks: The Seahawks only chance is banking on the 49ers getting overconfident after crushing Philadelphia. However, the Niners seem to finally be on a mission this year.

Vikings over Raiders: The Raiders have been more competent since Josh McDaniels was fired, but Minnesota is just more talented.

Kansas City over Bills: The Bills have gone from a team seemingly on the cusp of a dynasty to one that is in the middle of imploding.

Chargers over Broncos: The Broncos are a good bad team. The Chargers are a bad good team. Let’s see what chaos ensues.

Eagles over Cowboys: Maybe I’m underreacting to how the Eagles have played recently, but I’m still not convinced the hierarchy in the NFC has shifted all that much.

Packers over Giants: Jordan Love has finally turned the corner and the Giants are… woof.

Dolphins over Titans: Miami should have no trouble dispensing with the Titans.

Here are the six games to pick (times in Pacific):

Bucs @ Falcons, 10:00 AM

Colts @ Bengals, 10:00 AM

Seahawks @ 49ers, 1:05 PM

Broncos @ Chargers, 1:25 PM

Bills @ Kansas City, 1:25 PM

Eagles @ Cowboys, 5:20 PM

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