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Mike Tannebaum worked with Kris Kocurek on the Miami Dolphins, so he knows who the 49ers defensive line coach would like.

With the NFL draft a month away, there is a mad scramble to complete mock drafts and connect the dots between franchises, needs, and meetings with prospects. Mike Tannenbaum, former New York Jets GM, EVP of the Miami Dolphins, and current ESPN analyst, has released his latest mock draft and selected defensive tackle Braden Fiske from Florida State at pick 31.

I asked Tannenbaum to elaborate on his thought process and, before he made his case, stated: “It’s been five minutes since the 49ers have signed a defensive lineman.” Clearly, taking a lighthearted jab at the 49ers’ affinity for adding to the defensive line depth. Tannenbaum pointed to his time with Kris Kocurek in Miami and his success with the 49ers developing defensive linemen.

“I worked with Kris Kocurek in Miami, and I just think Fiske is the epitome of what he wants someone to play with their hair and fire.

Position flexibility. It was really more of a philosophical fit there. Look, I know there are a lot of other needs, especially, depending on what the rumors of the day are with Brandon Aiyuk. They get another young receiver in the pipeline, certainly. They could use another corner. It just felt like this was just a perfect fit for them.

From a scheme standpoint, and a player standpoint.”

No draft discussion is complete without speculating on Brandon Aiyuk’s situation with the 49ers.

Speaking of Brandon Aiyuk, let’s put your GM hat on.

You have a player who has a breakout season, is due some money, and possibly could fetch a good draft pick. What’s your thought process with trying to go through a negotiation process with someone like Brandon Aiyuk?

Tannenbaum spoke about John Lynch and the 49ers having to go through a process of “what player is a have to have” and “what player is a nice to have.” Tyreek Hill was mentioned as a player who “graduated” from “have to have” to “nice to have” for the Chiefs. Tannenbaum also mentioned Jed York’s comments about Brock Purdy’s impending contract extension while mentioning a plan to possibly trade Deebo Samuel next season to afford Aiyuk and Purdy.

Watch the video below for Tannenbaum’s full comments.

On Thursday, Fiske was medically flagged and received “the worst medical grades from the group of players that worked out. A source characterized the grades and reports as ‘ugly.’”

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