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It’s about time.

There are endless examples of a referee spotting the ball where it shouldn’t be. They have to keep track of numerous things simultaneously in a three to four-second span so you understand why mistakes are made.

But games can be decided by a 3rd & 2 or a 3rd & 1. It’s the year 2024. There’s no reason we should rely ,o, andn officials to spot the ball in the heat of the moment. Thankfully, we could be turning the corner.

According to Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports, the NFL tested out tracking in line-to-gain situations at MetLife Stadium, Hard Rock Stadium, and the Super Bowl this past season:

The NFL Owner’s meetings take place from March 24 through 27. Here’s more information about the testing:

In addition to line to gain rulings, the league is exploring optical tracking with high-resolution cameras along the sidelines, goal lines and end lines to assist in officiating decisions.

The testing has used technology developed by Hawk-Eye, the computer vision system that assists with video replays in tennis, to precisely determine the position of the ball and players during replay reviews.

Removing human error from the game seems like a no-brainer. Automated spotting would also speed up the game while eliminating any “guessing” that occurs.

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