There’s a lot that needs to be done before the NFL season starts. And a lot of has to do with upper management, like Jed York and John Lynch (AP Photo/Marcio Sanchez)

Don’t worry, the higher-ups in the NFL say. They are working out a schedule that will have the season starting on time with complete safety for the players.

Great. Did anyone tell them rookies report tomorrow?

The fact is the NFL is barreling into this cockeyed season with the grace and elegance of a train wreck. Alarmed by the lack of information and progress, some of the biggest names in the game convened a Sunday tweetstorm, calling out the owners.

Using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay, stars like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes demanded some answers. J.J. Watt’s tweet listed things the players “don’t know.” That included questions like, what will be done when a player tests positive? And is there a formal “opt-out” clause?

Meanwhile, the owners are still wondering if the fellows would like to play a meaningless exhibition game before the season starts. OMG, you are not getting it. It will be a miracle if a season is pulled off and you’re arguing over an exhibition game? How clueless can you be?

Want an example of how serious this is? College football is openly discussing postponing their season to the spring. They might not even play in the fall. Frankly, I’m a little surprised someone in the NFL hasn’t raised the idea

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