Nick Mullens had a tough day against the Eagles. But so did the 49ers defense. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron

Let’s take a break from bashing Nick Mullens for a moment, although I am sure we will get back to it.

Sunday’s 25-20 loss to Philadelphia was the first time this year the 49ers looked shell-shocked. This was supposed to be the glide path of the schedule. And although they lost the first game to Arizona, they’d just had back-to-back wins, defeating every professional football team in New York City.

Philadelphia, meanwhile, was winless, 0-2-1. However, something to keep in mind. At the end of the season, losing teams often quit and play like losers. But teams that get off to a bad early start may think they can turn it around, especially if, like the Eagles, a single win would put them in first place in their division. They played hard.

And yes, turnovers killed the Niners. And no, for as long as I have been watching football, I can’t explain how quarterbacks regularly throw passes right to defenders standing directly in front of them. That Mullens pick-six was about as bad as it gets.

But I would like to step over to the other side of the football and pick up on something linebacker Fred Warner said after the game.

“We kept them on the field for way too long,” Warner said.

It’s true. And this wasn’t the first time. At important moments, the 49ers defense is finding

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