November 30, 2017   Chris Wilson

49ers Film Room - Garoppolo Third Down


In 49ers Film Room, we analyze San Francisco 49ers game film, including offensive and defensive concepts as well as specific player performance. We also break down upcoming opponents, dig into the film of potential free-agent fits, and analyze key trends from across the NFL.

In this series of 49ers Film Room, Chris Wilson digs into quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s third-down game film with the New England Patriots to determine why he was so successful on third downs, and whether his third-down efficiency will be translated to future success with his new team, the San Francisco 49ers.


49ers Film Room: Jimmy Garoppolo’s Success on Third Downs

Jimmy Garoppolo’s historical success on third down

Jimmy Garoppolo’s third down pre-snap adjustments

Jimmy Garoppolo’s third down pre-snap reads

Jimmy Garoppolo extending plays on third down

Jimmy Garoppolo recovering from mistakes on third down